Ruela said...

Good work!

cocaine jesus said...

horrifying. good though. baconesque maybe?

cocaine jesus said...

new contributors are always welcome on discharge.
all you have to do is e-mail me on utilityfishshed@hotmail.co.uk.
discharge is an ever changing, ever mutating blog site.
we love to try new.
we want to extend what blog art is and can be.
the first discharge was originally started by me and an american artist/musician. doriandra smith. it grew from that point until some 888 posts later it concluded.
discharge 2 is now half way through its existance. it will conclude when it hits 888.
discharge 3 is waiting for those who will take it on.
you and any co-contributors would be welcome to join d2 and d3 if you want just send that e-mail.

mcgregor said...

hi,i just found your blog and your work is incredible! it's intense and terrifying. really, this is some of the most beautiful work i've ever seen, you're partly doing what i've been trying to do in my drawing.

rigby101 said...

holy fucking shit.. this is beautiful

we need to talk